Infin Gas / Coal Bed Methane Drilling

Infin Drilling entered the Coal Bed Methane sector in 2012 contracting to Kinetiko Energy and their South African partner Badimo Gas on the Amersfoort / Volksrust project. This project enabled Infin to enter and participate in gas drilling, thereby gaining valuable experience and knowledge in drilling technique, procedures, health, environmental and safety standards.


Preliminary NQ3 core holes were drilled with core drill rigs down to depths of 750m through very difficult broken dolerite formations.


Perm test holes were drilled in the Amersfoort area, utilizing Gas drill rig, showing excellent results of gas. Completed holes were capped and borehole pump and tubing installed by Infin. This work was overseen by Geologist and Well Site Drilling Consultant from USA.


During April 2013, Rupert and Andre attended and successfully completed the Boots &Coots IADCWell Control Accreditation Program in Houston Texas – training received in Drilling/Workover Completion – Supervisory level.


50 Ton Gas Drill Rig Specifications PDF ... (Click Here)

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