Infin Core Drilling

We currently have three core drilling rigs, capable of drilling to 1500m NQ. Drill rigs are purpose built for shallow hole drilling, by mounting a 3000lt water tank and drill rod storage on board. With holes shallower than 400m, we do not dig mud sumps, but use above ground steel mud sumps. The above mentioned allows for efficient inter hole moves and limited environmental damage.


Drill rigs are mounted with 10 ton main hoist winch, for more efficient pulling and lowering of drill rods.


Latest project was to drill for Coal Bed Methane down to depths of 750m NQ3. Successfully completed under stringent environmental and safety standards.


We are the only core drilling company that does not require mud sumps to be dug through our patented drilling procedure offering the following solutions;


Mud Sump Analysis


Dug Mud Sumps


• Have to dig holes


• Rehabilitation holes - time consuming, problem if it rains


• Wetlands - environmental issues


• Rocky, Mine pit areas- require TLB


• Game/Beef Farms - Risk of animals falling into sump


• Cultivated lands - land owner issues


• Risk of soil contamination


 Above Ground Mud Sump


• No Digging - deflector pipe


• Above ground - no filling holes


• Above Ground


• Above Ground


• No Risk


• No issues


• Limited to spillage only


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